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My artwork creates a visceral connection between the real and the virtual human body using different sensing technologies, video cameras and programming. To generate real-time moving images I use several interactive coding applications along with different devices to capture and track installation viewers’ gestures. This leads to a variety of experiential interactive possibilities.

I prefer materials that are transparent to project on, to use the space efficiently and create a poetic relationship between the space, material media and projected visuals. I hope to engage people both emotionally and viscerally with the theme of my projects which are based on the exploration and comprehension of the cultures that surround me. I want to build a bridge between spatial interactive installations, culture and the human body.

我的作品使用不同的传感技术,摄像机和程序在真实和虚拟人体之间建立了内在联系。 为了生成实时运动图像,我使用了几个交互式编码应用程序以及不同的设备来捕获和跟踪安装查看者的动作姿势。 这导致了各种体验式的互动可能性。
我在作品中倾向于使用透明的材料进行投影,以有效地利用空间并在空间、材料媒体和投影的视觉效果之间建立一种诗意的关系。 我希望以我对我周围的文化的探索和理解为基础的项目主题,在情感上和内在上都吸引人们。 我想在空间互动装置,文化和人体之间架起一座桥梁。