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      SNOW FLAKE 雪花︎
Interactive Installation

︎Test Process︎
︎ Madmapper ︎ Leap Motion ︎ MaxMsp ︎

This work is inspired by winter snow, I want everyone to have the superpower of dancing with ice and snow like Elsa in “Frozen.”  I used the Leap Motion device to work with my projection mapping installation. The images consist of snowflakes,dots and triangular lines. When people wave their arms above the Leap Motion, the video, Snow Flake appears in the installation, and the triangular lines change with the rhythm of the music to create a sense of rhythm in the visuals.

这个作品的灵感来源于冬天的雪花,我想让每个人都像冰雪奇缘中艾莎那样拥有舞动冰雪的超能力。 我借助Leap Motion这个设备去配合我的投影装置,影像分为雪花,点和线条两部分,当人们在Leap motion 上方挥动手臂时,installation上的雪花出现。三角形的影像线条配合音乐的节奏进行变化创造出变化的韵律感。